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SWM Motorcycles

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Silver Vase

SWM Outlaw

"The Outlaw is the "urban scrambler" in the SWM lineup. It's light clutch and low seat height make it the ideal machine to tackle downtown and backroad rides alike.

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Motocrosss handlebar guarantees great handling, the “double barrel” exhaust, short secondary transmission ratio for rapid acceleration and the off-road style tires give it the right credentials to ride everywhere.

SWM Outlaw
Ace of Spades

SWM Ace of Spades

From the “SWM Garage” project was born the Ace of Spades, the first SWM series special. Developed on the basis of the Gran Milano, it differs for the total dark look, enriched by a beautiful tone-on-tone graphics, from off-road tires, the crossbar handlebar and the standard double seat.

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The "Ace of Spades" 440 is the latest motorcycle from SWM's Milan custom shop. This stunning machine really has individual street presence, with it's aggressive looks it really sets it's rider apart from the crowd.

SWM Ace of Spades 440

SWM Six Days

Six Days is a strongly evocative name in the off-road world and SWM has chosen it to give its customer a taste of earlier times. The SWM Six Days was designed to easily deal with light off-road routes, as well as everyday roads.

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The remarkable lightness of Six Days, allows all pilots to drive it with extreme ease. Whether they are experienced bikers or approaching the world of two wheels for the first time.

SWM Six Days
Six Days
SWM Dual Sport

SWM Dual Sport Models

SWM motorcycles can trace it's heritage back to the early 1970s when as a small, boutique manufacturer, SWM produced tough, off-road machines that consistently beat the larger manufacturers at off-road and trials events across Europe.


Based in Italy, modern SWMs today are manufactured in the former Husqvarna plant and the Husqvarna DNA can be found across the entire SWM line.


SWM RS 300 R Enduro 


SWM RS 500 R 

600 Super dual

SWM 600 Super Dual X

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