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Bullet 350

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The history of the Royal Enfield Bullet gleams as bright as its iconic gold pinstripes. From its debut in 1932 to its revolutionary introduction of swinging arm suspension at the 1948 Colmore Cup, it spent the first decades of its life conquering the most tumultuous terrain at Trials across Europe


Classic 350

The All-New Classic 350 continues to embody the traditions and craftsmanship of the past as it is reborn. Inspired by the post war G2 model, first born in 1950’s, the all new Classic 350 continues to be a testament to the timeless design which took the motorcycling world with an awe back in the heydays of British motorcycling. The Classic teardrop fuel tank, the distinctive thump and the hallmark casquette headlamp - all harmonize as one, rejoicing in the masterpiece that is the timeless Royal Enfield Classic


Hunter 350 

The Hunter’s rider-first ergonomics, revised rake angle and low center of gravity have been designed to let you effortlessly maneuver the streets of the world’s coolest neighborhoods. An intuitive throttle response guarantees unprecedented agility with every flick of the wrist.

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Meteor 350

The Meteor represents the eternal essence of riding, the spirit of the cruise; with classic contours & timeless design cues. The Meteor is ready for the open road and up to the challenge of city commuting.

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Super Meteor 650



The Super Meteor 650 has been built on our enduring belief that people and journeys cannot be limited to hours or kilometers.


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Interceptor 650

Interceptor 650 beach image

"The quintessential modern classic roadster. A blast to ride on twisty back roads, highways, or the urban jungle, with equal ease and grace, for novices and experienced riders alike.

Inspired by the iconic 60's Interceptor 650, this modern classic is the essence of a British roadster blending timeless style and contemporary performance. With its greatest following in the American West Coast, fitting perfectly into the easy-going, fun narrative of the times, the new Interceptor 650 Twin re-imagines the sun-drenched California lifestyle.

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GT 650

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cont racer all black

"A modern interpretation of a cultural icon, a part of the original British cafe racing scene, an expression of free spirit, and a declaration of style."


Scram 411

Royal Enfield’s high altitude adventurer DNA has evolved from decades of expeditions and thousands of kilometers of rides across the most challenging terrains in the world. The Scram 411 is derived from this very DNA. It is a multi purpose tool optimised for agility; an ally that’s always ready for whatever life has in store. This is no cosmetic crossover or pumped up street bike. This is a brand new subspecies.



The only motorcycle you'll ever need

The Himalayan combines Royal Enfield's historic riding experience in the Himalayas with an all-new engine and terrain tested suspension.

"Decades of expeditions. Thousands of kilometers of traversing the world's most challenging terrain. That's how we made the Himalayan, our first dual-purpose motorcycle."

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